Installing WordCram

If you’re seeing this:

No library found for wordcram
As of release 1.0, libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the ‘sketchbook’ folder.

…you’ve come to the right place!

WordCram installs like any normal Processing library — just download,
unzip, and copy it into the “libraries” folder.

  • Make sure you have Processing installed and working on your computer
    • version 1.0 or greater should be fine.
  • Download and unzip WordCram.
  • Open your Processing sketchbook folder, where all your sketches are
    saved. If you don’t know where your Processing sketchbook folder is,
    open Processing, and in File > Preferences, look for “Sketchbook
  • In your Processing sketchbook folder, there should be a folder named
    libraries. Copy the WordCram folder into it.
  • Restart Processing.

WordCram is installed!

Run a Sample WordCram

In Processing, open File > Examples…, look under Contributed Libraries > WordCram, and run the ‘helloWorld’ example.


16 Responses to Installing WordCram

  1. Mike Walker says:

    Hi – newbie at this so sorry if I am being a bit dim. I have installed Processing 1.5.1 but cannot find the sketchbook folder or the libraries folder.

    With Processing running when I click on the File Menu I can see New, Open, Sketchbook & Examples . . . but not Preferences as you suggest in your instructions.

    Under the Processing Menu there is About Processing (nothing happens when I click on this) and Preferences.

    When I click on Prefrences I am told my Sketchbook location is: /Users/[myusername]/Documents/Processing .

    I have put WordCram in this folder but I still get the “No library found for wordcram
    As of release 1.0, libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the ‘sketchbook’ folder. ” when I try to run WordCram.

    So I am a bit stuck. I am running Mac OS X Version 10.6.8. Can you help?

  2. Try adding WordCram into /Users/[yourusername]/Documents/Processing/libraries, and restart Processing.

    You should have these paths:

    If you have all those paths, and you’re still having problems, let me know.

  3. Mike Walker says:

    Hi, Thanks for the reply.

    In my /Users/[yourusername]/Documents/Processing folder I do not have a libraries folder. So I made one (using create new folder), renamed it libraries and put WordCram in it.

    I restarted Processing and when I go to File > Sketchbook – libraries is not available as an option.

    However – if I rename it Libraries (with a capital ‘L’ rather than a lower case one) it is available and I can navigate through to the Hello World example – and that works as well.

  4. Oh! I’m sorry, I think I see where the confusion is coming from. Processing used to put library examples in the menu under File > Sketchbook > libraries, but recently, they moved it to File > Examples…, then Contributed Libraries.

    Rename the folder back to “libraries,” lower-case L, and restart Processing. Then open File > Examples…, look under Contributed Libraries > WordCram, and run the ‘helloWorld’ example. If you leave it named “Libraries,” I’m not sure Processing will find it. Let me know if this helps.

    I updated the description above. Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for letting me know!

  5. aruna says:

    hi….i installed processing 2.0b3. and using wordcram 0.5.1……but none of the word cram examples are running in processing.
    getting the following exception

    Exception in thread “Animation Thread” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: processing/core/PGraphics2D
    at wordcram.WordCramEngine.(Unknown Source)
    at wordcram.WordCram.getWordCramEngine(Unknown Source)
    at wordcram.WordCram.drawAll(Unknown Source)
    at helloworld.setup(
    at processing.core.PApplet.handleDraw(
    at processing.core.PGraphicsJava2D.requestDraw(
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: processing.core.PGraphics2D
    at Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    … 8 more

    But, when i tried running the same word cram file on processing 1.5.1 it works.
    Its not recognizing word cram.
    Please help.

  6. Andrae Muys says:

    It appears this is a result of moving from PGraphics to OpenGL in the shift from 1.5.x to 2.0. Wordcram appears to depend on classes that were deprecated and have now been removed. Unfortunately processing 1.5.1 is only available for a limited number of platforms (which does not include linux x64) so I have not been able to test this by trying 1.5.1.

  7. Andrae, what version of WordCram are you using? I can run WC0.5.6 on Processing 2.0 just fine; any version after 0.5.3 should work.

  8. Wait, if you’re using 0.5.1, that’s the problem. WordCram wasn’t ready for Processing 2.0 until v0.5.3. Try upgrading to the latest WordCram, and you should be fine.

  9. I have processing 2.0b3 and wordcram 0.5.3 and for some reason installation isn’t working. I cannot load the examples and my program will not run and I’m not sure why. I am very new to this but have comp sci knowledge..

  10. Do you have any error messages? In the meantime, I’d say upgrade wordcram 0.5.6, but without error messages, it’s hard to say. I’ve been running with 2.0b5, and it works nicely…

  11. naterudolph says:

    Are there any plans to support the “Export Application” feature in the new Processing? As far as I can tell it doesn’t work with WordCram right now…

  12. It should work – it just did for me, anyway.

    Try posting the code, and any error messages, in the forum, and we’ll see if we can sort it out:!forum/wordcram

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  14. Amanda says:

    I installed wordcram, but I can’t figure out how to use it.

  15. WordCram comes bundled with a bunch of examples and a tutorial. In Processing, look under File > Examples > Contributed Libraries > WordCram.

    You can also look at the blog posts:

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