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Shapes for WordCram

This has been a feature request for a long time: making WordCrams in arbitrary shapes, like Tagxedo does. It’s currently slow, and a bit limited – you have to provide a java.awt.Shape, not (say) an image mask – but it’s … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning for Smoother WordCram Builds

I’ve been frustrated with WordCram’s automated build for a long time. It was a giant tangle of ant, JUnit, SVN, javadoc, and googlecode file-uploads, and it was always a struggle to change it, or even remember what it did for me. … Continue reading

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Faster WordCrams? An Experiment

Simulated annealing is a programming trick for quickly packing a bunch of things together. It’s based on the idea of annealing, where (as I understand it) a metal is heated, which gives the molecules enough energy to wiggle, then cooled … Continue reading

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WordCram’s moving to GitHub

I started moving WordCram on to GitHub, and most things are in place, like the issues list and the wiki. I still need to copy over the downloads. Got the downloads, too! (Only 0.5.0 for now – the older ones … Continue reading

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New daily: WordCram to PDF

WordCram now outputs to PDF. It’ll be in the 0.5 release, but you can grab the new daily build right now (zip or tar) and try it out. The only new code you’ll need is normal Processing PDF stuff, all … Continue reading

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PDF Rendering Is Almost Ready

After poking around, it seems like PDF rendering might not be as far-fetched as I’d first thought. I’ve made some pretty good progress: WordCram can tell when the sketch is rendering to PDF.  This means the API is unchanged: you … Continue reading

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WordCram Release 0.3 is Almost Ready

It may seem like October’s been a quiet month for WordCram, but the 0.3 release is almost ready. I just built a daily release (.zip, or .tar.gz) that has more javadocs, new examples, and some new methods that control text parsing: … Continue reading

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