PDF Rendering Is Almost Ready

After poking around, it seems like PDF rendering might not be as far-fetched as I’d first thought. I’ve made some pretty good progress:

  • WordCram can tell when the sketch is rendering to PDF.  This means the API is unchanged: you just set up your sketch to render to PDF.
  • After cleaning up the innards a bit, rendering to PDF is pretty easy.

But I’m stuck at the last mile.  If you know how to use java’s PathIterator, Path2D, and/or Shape classes with Processing, or know Geomerative’s guts well (I think they have some similar problems), and don’t mind answering a few questions, I’d love to hear from you: I’m danbernier at Google’s famous e-mail domain.

Overall, I’m excited at the thought of real PDF rendering, and at how easy it’s been.  If you’re interested, check out the svn branch and let me know what you think.

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