WordCram Release 0.3

WordCram 0.3 is here, and it has some nice improvements.

Simpler to Use

It’s easier to create a WordCram: instead of that long list of parameters, you instantiate it with your sketch, and then call methods on your WordCram to customize it.

From this:

new WordCram(this,
  new TextSplitter(StopWords.ENGLISH + " shall")
  Fonters.pickFrom(createFont("serif", 1)),
  Sizers.byWeight(100, 1200),

To this:

new WordCram(this)
  .withStopWords(StopWords.ENGLISH + " shall")
  .sizedByWeight(100, 1200)

With the new way, you don’t have to remember which order the parts go in. WordCram can provide defaults (notice the new version didn’t pick a Colorer or Angler?), and good overloads (for example, instead of sizedByWeight, you can use sizedByRank). The method names follow a convention, so they should be easy to remember.

Hopefully, this should make it easier to create WordCrams. If you have tons of critical-path legacy enterprise application layers written against the old stuff, don’t worry, you can still upgrade — the old methods are there, just deprecated.

New Text Sources

Another big plus is that you can make WordCrams from different text sources, like a web page:

new WordCram(this)

With the new stuff in place, it’ll become easier to add more text sources: delicious tags, twitter streams, RSS, all that.


The last big news is documentation. There’s actual javadoc, and examples included. Once WordCram is installed into Processing, go to File > Sketchbook > libraries > WordCram > examples to see them.

Miscellany, Et Cetera

Throw in some new Anglers, Colorers, and Placers, Java stop-words (so you can WordCram java source code), bug fixes, and performance tweaks, and you’ve got a release. For all the messy details, see the release notes.

Coming Up

My next immediate goals are more tutorials, and a bunch of examples to show off the different ways you can control WordCram. After that, we’ll see — there’s still lots to do. If you have ideas for making WordCram better, I’d love to hear from you: wordcram at gmail dot com.

Go upgrade already!

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2 Responses to WordCram Release 0.3

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for making this available. I’m using it in my latest Flickr app, Tagerator. Tagerator is a desktop Java app that counts tags in a Flickr photostream and give the user different ways to view the results.

    It works great embedded in a Swing app!

  2. You’re welcome! It’s great to see how people are using WordCram. The word clouds in Tagerator look great, but I have to say I like your photos even better. 🙂

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