WordCram Release 0.1

The WordCram 0.1 release is here.  Don’t let the low release number fool you — it’s pretty solid code.  Since the initial release, I’ve improved performance, and cleaned up the API, making it faster, and easier to use.

Here’s the flavor of the API change…from this:

WordCram wordCram = new WordCram(this,
    new TextSplitter().split(loadStrings("tao-te-ching.txt")),
    Fonters.FonterFor(createFont("sans", 1)),
    Sizers.byWeight(5, 60),
    new CenterClumpWordPlacer(),
    new SpiralWordNudger());

while (wordCram.hasMore()) {

to this:

WordCram wordCram = new WordCram(this,
    new TextSplitter().split(loadStrings("tao-te-ching.txt")),
    Fonters.alwaysUse(createFont("sans", 1)),
    Sizers.byWeight(5, 60),


A very few further API tweaks are planned, but I wanted to get a first release out for you to play with, and to write some tutorials against.

Download the bits, give it a test-drive, and let me know what you think.

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8 Responses to WordCram Release 0.1

  1. i have used the library with processing 1.5.1 and everything was ok
    now i have tried to use it with processing 2.0 6 or 7 and it throws a java exception class not found error for the PGraphics class at the begining of draw() ()if wc.hasMore() in your examples…

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I logged it as an issue on github: https://github.com/danbernier/WordCram/issues/16

  3. philippe castellin says:

    dear db,

    i have downloaded the last version for you library on github;
    this one works with p5 2.07….

  4. Oh, good! I’ll close the ticket then. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. philippe castellin says:

    dear dB
    (i try to write inn english but you seem to be or to speak french!)
    here is the result:
    it’s using your library + connexions to RSS in order to change the text each day…
    it seems to work (though there were a lot of security java problems!!!)

    thanks a lot & friendship

  6. Very cool!

    My family, heritage, and last name are French, but I mainly speak American. When I speak French, it’s with the help of google translator. =/ I studied French in grammar school, though, and I’d like to someday re-learn it.

  7. philippe castellin says:

    not any java class for learning french???….
    and, by the way, i hope that you can find some way…. and time… to translate your library for processing.js as what i have done is now impossible with p5 2.0

  8. Yeah, lots of people ask for wordcram.js. 🙂 I hope to make the time for it someday.

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